Monday, 29 November 2010


It's been a while since i last blogged. Life has been plodding along, my birthday came and went - not that i really feel much older. Our landlord finally sorted out the heating which is a lot better and quite good since it's suddenly got really cold, snow is expected tomorrow, although i hear some people have been snowed in up North. I'm praying for a snow day so i don't have to go into work! I'm not really enjoying my job at the moment, i'm really bored and feel there are so many other things i could rather be doing with my time. Although since i've not got a lot of work to do i have been doing other things!

I've decided to try and see if i can make some money selling my crafty things. I've created a few designs which i want to put on bags and t-shirts and see if they will sell. I've shown a few designs to my family and friends and have gotten quite positive feedback. My mum was really excited with my ideas, i had to tell her i'd not actually printed my designs yet, that she had to wait to see if anyone would actually buy them! Sweet though and nice to have the support. I will upload some pics when i have printed a few designs and created a folksy account. I am very greatful for the internet otherwise i don't think any of this would be possible. So watch this space because i should have a few items to sell shortly!

Back the the design drawing board.....