Wednesday, 26 September 2012

12 week scan!

I've been so excited for this day to eventually come but now I am a little apprehensive as well. I don't really want to think of the worst but also need to prepare myself incase everything is not ok. Although I think I'd rather try and be positive, there's not much point in worrying until I know there is definately something to worry about!

One of the girls at work asked me straight out today if my hospital appointment had anything to do with a baby. I couldn't lie so just said I would be able to answer that question tomorow! She said she looked at me today and thought I may be pregnant, apparently I'm also looking a bit tired. Not surprising really since I don't seem to get a full night's sleep anymore. I either wake up needing the loo or just lay awake in the early hours of the morning. Oh how I miss sleeping on my stomach! But I shouldn't complain, it's only for another 6 months!

I feel like I'm really starting to show now, my bump is really rounded, like a little ball. At least my trousers still fit, can't say the same for my bras though! 

We purchased a baby furniture set last night on the internet. It is a cot, dresser with baby changer on top and a wardrobe. They are a beige colour with wooden trim, hopefully they will look as nice in real life as they do in the picture! (which for some reason I can't seem to upload)


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 weeks

On Sunday I had my first appointment with the midwife who was very bubbly and friendly. There were loads of forms to be filled out, they took my weight, height and bmi as well as my blood pressure. A sister took my blood but halfway through the needle fell out of my arm - was a little painful. She was having trouble locating my vein in the other arm so she had to call the midwife in - she did a much better job and I hardly felt anything. I did feel a bit feint afterwards though and had to lie back for a while. My next appointment with the midwife is at 16 weeks and I'm guessing I will get all the results from the blood tests then.

Next big appointment is the 12 week scan, can't wait but I am also a little aprehensive, I just hope everything is ok......

Things are looking up with the house. Our application has been approved and we're just waiting for the paperwork before we can sort out the mortgage - scary!! We went to look at the house again on Sunday and even met our prospective neighbours. They seem really nice, a family with a boy and girl - not toddler screaming age thankfully and they seem quite well behaved. Phew! We're going again on Sunday to show hubby's stepdad the house and to measure up. We have a huge dinning table that hubby is adamant will fit in the kitchen  - I am not sure and really don't want a cramped kitchen! I've suggested we take off the legs and store it until we move again, and get a smaller sized cheap table in the meantime, we can still use the same chairs. I'm secretly hoping it is such a tight squeeze - hopefully stepdad will back me up! I really love the table but it's just too big!


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

9 Weeks

My bump picture at 9 weeks. Not the most attractive picture I'm afraid but I was quite put out when my mum said I must be 'imagining' my bump! It may not look big at the moment, and I know it's quite early to show, but I did have a fairly flat stomach before. Now it looks as though i've eaten a few too many puddings! I sent mum the same picture and she says 'You win' but she still thinks I'm really early so must be having an elephant! Nice

Hubby and I went to look at a property on Sunday which we really like, we've managed to get a morgage in principle and are going this evening to see if they will hold the house for us - how exciting! Some BIG changes this year, 3 major ones too: wedding, moving house / buying house and baby! It may be a bit stressful but things seem to happen all at once for me anyway, I packed up all my things and moved over to the UK, had to find a new job and then a month later we had to move house! 
I'm really hoping everything is approved and we get the house, it's a bit further away to travel to work, but once I'm on maternity leave I will have to decide if I want to go back anyway - or find a new job. It would be so nice to have our own place, I realise it comes with responsibilities but we can hang up whatever pictures we want and I finally get a garden with grass!!

Fingers crossed for this afternoon!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

223 Days to go

I feel like I'm living in limbo at the moment - I can't wait for our scan so we can tell everybody our news, it's driving me mad! My mum also keeps asking when she can tell her friends! I have my first appointment with the midwife next weekend so hopefully she can give me a date for our first scan - a friend mentioned that I should get a letter from my doctor but when I told the surgery I was pregnant they just gave me a 'midwife' pack to fill out and return. I'm a bit surprised by the lack of information - lets just hope I will be able to get an appointment in time because I dont' want to wait till week 20 for my first scan!

I still feel pretty bloated and can't seem to eat big meals. I've not really put on much weight yet but it's still early days I guess.  My clothes are feeling a little tighter though, not sure how long I can wear my work trousers! I do need to get some work shirts though to cover up my trousers when I can't do up all the buttons anymore! I do plan on repurposing some trousers into maternity wear since I don't fancy spending the next 7 months being uncomfortable.

Apart from my boobs getting bigger - much to hubby's delight - there are not any visible changes yet. My sister said I did have a 'glow' about me though I think I look pretty tired most of the time! I'm really finding it hard to sleep now, I keep waking up during the night, I don't think it will get any better when I have a large belly and can only sleep on my side! I did sleep on my stomach for the first few weeks after we found out, but now I am too scared to incase I do some damage - pity because that's how I sleep best!

As for my diet I am drinking loads of water, eating lots of fruit and not a drop of alcohol, although I don't really miss it to be honest. I want to be as healthy as I can and not put on too much extra weight that I will have to try and loose after baby is born. I'm only managing to swim once a week at the moment, but hopefully my energy levels will come back a bit and I can go twice. I would like to join some joga classes or pilates classes for pregnancy and hopefully meet some other mums-to-be.