Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wedding Invites

As you may know C and i are getting married next year in Cyprus. We are having a fairly small wedding as we don't have a lot of money to spend. I decided to make our wedding invitations as we only had around 30 to send out, and I don't see the point in paying someone to do something that i could do myself. Also i do enjoy being crafty and was looking forward to it.

I copied a template that my friend had for her wedding which holds the invite, the rsvp and other details. I can't say the idea was my own but i did design the layout and found a template for the airmail border. I printed the information onto coloured card using a laser printer. After cutting out the invites with a craft knife I stuck them down with double sided glue - so much better than using pritt! I tied the other two pieces of paper with some silver ribbon so they wouldn't fall out of the pouch. I found a punch at a craft shop and punched the heart design on the invite so when it is folded up the heart is on the top. On the reverse I used some silver stickers which say 'invitation.' I have had a few positive comments from our guests so far, one even thought i had taken them to get professionally printed!