Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wedding socks

Just a quick one to show you what hubby's socks look like after I customised them. The diamante sticker was really easy to iron on and I think looks pretty smart - it matches the bling on my shoes!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


On Sunday I went to get my nails done as a trial for the wedding. Because we leave for Cyprus on a Wednesday but only get married on a Monday, I need my nails to last a while.I think they may be quite expensive to have done at the hotel. My nails are really weak and break all the time so I didn't want to go with acrylic - also they look really bulky and it would annoy me if I couldn't pick things up properly! So I went for Shellac nails, is it a type of gel that is painted onto your nails and then set with a UV light. I think they look pretty smart! They are meant to last 2 weeks and apparently make your nails stronger - woohoo! Only problem is...... on Sunday evening one of them chipped :(  I rang up the place where I had them done on Monday and after a bit of pushing on my part, managed to get them to agree to redo the nail on Friday. They orginally said that they can't do anything after 3 days of having your nails done. Problem was I couldn't get to them during the week. It would take me 45mins to get to them if I left work at 5pm, but they close at 5:30. The earliest day I can get there is Friday as we finish at 4pm. To be honest I won't go to them again, what if my nails chip just as i'm about to board the plane for Cyprus. You can't really see from the pics but some of the French tips are not even and my thumb nail isn't fully painted white. Guess you live and learn!

Oh and just as I was taking the first pic, my cat Marley decided to jump on the cabinet - think he wanted to show his paws off too!

I have added the final touches to my Post Box pen holder for our UK party - I think it's quite smart!