Thursday, 14 April 2011

Time to get motivated

After 4 months of being very lazy, I have decided I really need to get myself into gear and start doing my bookkeeping course again. I am hoping to have a bit of quiet time on Saturday while CJ is at cricket. It is really hard to get myself into it again especially when there are so many crafty things I would rather be doing!

I have been working on some napkin rings using paper mache and have almost finished decorating the first one. They are African themed and should go with quite earthy coloured napkins. I will post pictures soon. I might finish the one completely before I start my course work so then I won't be tempted to pick it up and finish it off in the middle of my bookkeeping.

I knew there were bank holidays coming up but I didn't actually realise how soon they were, as in starting next week - yay! CJ and  I have taken the 3 week days off as well so that we have 11 days of  'holiday' in a row, can't wait! I better get to the shops to buy some easter eggs, I always leave it till the last minute and then they're mostly sold out. My favourite is the Lindt Bunny - which is yours?

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New item in my shop!

I have finally added my baby vest to my shop. Take a look here. I made a few for my sister in-law's newborn as well. I posted them off to Canada 2 weeks ago and they have still not yet arrived. I'm a bit worried that if they do eventually get to her, they will be too small. He was quite a big baby and is apparently growing a lot - oops!
Here is a peak of the ones I sent her - she has a woodland theme for the nursery so hopefully they will go down well. The ellie is obviously not woodland-ish but i thought he was too cute!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What can I accomplish this week

I had a nice long weekend, if only every week could start on a Tuesday! It was CJ's birthday on Sunday so we went to the dogs with a few of his friends on Saturday night and then lunch with the family on Sunday.On Monday we didn't do too much, I treated CJ to breakfast at the garden centre. He had to go off to work at 3pm which was a pity because we couldn't really go out and do something. The weather started off really nice but it became quite cold and windy later.

I have evenings to myself this week since CJ is working a later shift. It means less hours in the day for him, which is a good thing since I heard on the radio this morning that working 11 hours a day is bad for your health and you are 2/3 times more likely to have a heart attack - scary! For me it means a few more hours to get on with my crafts. I really should get back to my bookkeeping course as well, maybe next week...!

I am hoping to put another item in my shop soon, I'm trying to decide which design to use on my beige napkins. My cat-napkins were quite popular and they sold quickly but I want to do something different.
I am thinking of an african design to go with the napkin rings I am currently working on. I may even get to finish them off this week and will be posting pics once they are complete. I want to make it my mission to try and complete one project per week. I need to start putting more items in my shop, and I plan to approach a few local shops to see if they would be willing to sell a few of my products.