Thursday, 15 July 2010

A trip to the vet

We had to take our other cat Crystal to the vet this morning. I noticed he had a swollen eye on sunday morning, like he'd bumped it. Since it was not getting better we made an appointment at the vet for Wednesday evening. We decided not to keep Crystal in on Tuesday night because kitten ( Mischievous Marley) or MM would torment him all night. Needless to say he was not in when I got home and I had to ring the vet to cancel the appointment. Luckily I could get one for this morning just before 10am. I had to let my boss know I'd be in a bit late. You would have thought that since I didn't need to get up early I would have slept in, but I felt too guilty so I got up...... such a sucker! At least Crystal is on the mend now though, he had 3 grass seeds in his eye! No wonder he was feeling sorry for himself, you could almost see the relief when the vet got them out. Poor thing!

This wind has been terrible today. I've been worrying about my poor tomato plants. They are flowering and not yet produced fruit. I will be distraught if they get damaged! I ordered a tomato greenhouse which arrived today - yippee! It's only made of clear PVC with a metal structure, better than nothing but let just hope the wind doesn't continue to blow like it has otherwise it might blow away! Unfortunately I will only be able to put it up tomorrow after work as I have to do a shift at the pub tonight. Hopefully I can keep awake!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Quick sum-up

Life has been a little busy lately and has not left me much time to blog.

I have not completed many craft projects lately but I have started a few…….

Although I did complete the bag which I got in a kit from with the material and clasp I needed to make it. It turned out quite well I’m pleased to say, only I did make a bit of a mess with the glue – it was quite tricky gluing the handle to the bag without it going everywhere.
This is not the one I made but it is the same material I got in my little kit.

We recently got a new kitten, Marley. He’s a naughty little boy, very mischievous and playful. He’s been terrorising our other cat, I feel a bit sorry for him really – he can’t even have a nap in peace anymore. Such an innocent face!

There are so many little projects I want to do but so little time, and some of them are quite costly. Wouldn’t it be great to have a room entirely dedicated to your crafts? With shelves of fabric and perfectly organised little holders and containers with all your bits and pieces. A big table for cutting fabric on and drawing out designs. Load of colourful boxes decorated with fabric, a cushioned seat that doubles up as a storage unit.Just some inspiring study/craft areas i would love to have! 

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