Thursday, 30 September 2010

Happy days!

I am in quite a good mood today. It's Thursday and nearly the weekend - just this thought makes me happy. The fact that it's my birthday on Sunday makes me smile even more! CJ has booked lunch at a restaurant somewhere and invited some people. I don't know who and i don't know where but i've been told to be ready at 11:30 Sunday morning - how exciting! Although I'm not very excited for another birthday to be honest, it's depressing getting old, especially now that i've left my 20's. Aren't you meant to work backwards when you hit 30??

This is the bag i would LOVE for my birthday - but it's a crazy £150 and i can't justify spending that amount on something which may only last a year... could you?

Our landlord finally got our windows replaced yesterday, so we now have double glazing. It really does make a difference, the cold doesn't come in so much at night. I was seriously considering turning on the heating on Sunday but may be able to hold off a little longer now. At least when it is on though, it won't all escape out the windows, especially since all the radiators are right under the windows. Why is it that most radiators are under a window, i guess it looks better but unless you have double glazing seems pointless!
I was quite impressed by the company who put the windows in. They made minimal mess and apart from the smell of the glue, you wouldn't know that they'd just been put in. Oh and apart from the fact that all our furniture was in the middle of the room! The next venture - though i don't think it's going to be as painless - is going to be when the landlord replaces the boiler and all the radiators in two wks time. I don't have much faith in his abilities from work that i've seen him do sorry to say, so his estimated 3 days i'm sure is going to take a lot longer. He's switching our water off for a day and night only - so he says. Needless to say i'm not looking forward to it at all! Well i guess there's no point worry about it until the day arrives!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Back from holiday ( if you can call a week off a holiday!)

Last week CJ and i took a weeks holiday. We decided to visit the family i used to au pair for in Sussex and then headed off to Cornwall. The weather wasn't great, it didn't rain too much but was quite cold and very windy. We visited St Ives, Lands End, Lizards Point, Mevagissey ( what a tiny little town!) Newquay... we also went to the Eden Project which was quite impressive and went on a tour to a cider farm. We came home with quite a few bottles of cider!
St Ives

Eden Project

House on the rocks in Newquay

Don't you just love this house! I think it's amazing, with a little bridge connecting it to the mainland. You can see from the picture that the tide has come in a bit, the sea does surround it when it is high tide. The beach is really weird because at low tide the sea is so far out it looks like a totally different beach.

Unfortunately we didn't spend too long in Cornwall, with the weather not being great and accommodation being the most expensive part. I think next time we will go camping as there as so many campsites around. It was nice to get away though and have a break. We came home on Thursday evening which meant i had 3 full days to relax before going back to work.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

My One-Year Anniversary

Wow i can't believe it's already September and i've now been in the UK over a year - scary! Looking back over the year i think i have made a few accomplishments, but still there are many things i want to do.
Since arriving in the UK i have:

Found a waitressing job ( although i may be quitting soon and working somewhere else)
Found a full-time day job
Moved once already
Got a new kitten
Swopped my South African drivers licence for a British one - bit of a sad day
Planted and grown my own tomatoes - and yes they are FINALLY going red!!! CJ and i even tried one, they are nice and sweet
Made a few friends - ok so still have to work on that one
Joined the gym
Started a bookkeeping course
Bought a bicycle
Given blood for the first time - and managed to get a huge bruise which made me look like a druggie!
Turned 30 and got engaged - woop!

i'm sure there a few other insignificant happenings but i can't think of them now. This next year i plan to get a better car - one that doesn't look like i've been playing bumper cars with it! i want to finish my course, with good results. Get a better paid and more interesting job, and hopefully quit waitressing altogether. Plan our wedding and maybe start a family. Although i do need to get myself into better shape ( i got sore arms after hitting a few balls at the driving range - honestly!) I don't want to get a saggy belly after my first baby, i want to be a yummy mummy after all!