Friday, 27 April 2012

Gift surprise for hubby 2b

Two months to go! I've been madly trying to finish my book keeping course, I finally did my First exam a few weeks ago and passed! So now onto Level 2 - I have until the end of may to complete it so really have to push myself, I'm sure I can do it though!

I've been putting together a little suprise for H2b for the day of the wedding when he gets ready.
I've got a list of songs together which I think are appropriate for the day so I will try and sneak them on his ipod and ask his brother to play them in the room.

H2b is always saying how he wants cricket cufflinks, he has an annual cricket dinner and never has nice ones to wear. So i got him these for our wedding day which he can wear again and again
 H2b loves Jack Daniels so I was thinking of getting him a mini bottle of Jack with a small can of coke, but then I saw this and decided it was even better. I'm going to fill it up with JD for him so he has something to calm his nerves!

I've also bought him some socks which match my shoes

and I have bought these to iron on

I have asked for his football team to sign a card for him, I'm hoping they will send it back as I did put a stamp on- fingers crossed.

I may add a chocolate bar and a mini can of coke (hopefully my mum can get one on the plane when she comes over!)

Now all i need to sort out is mum's present......

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Post box

If you've had a look at our wedding invites you may have realised we have an airmail theme going.
We are having a party back in the UK for those people who couldn't attend the wedding in Cyprus. I wanted to have something to put the cards in so they will be safe and out of the way. I saw these post boxes which you can rent from here
They are not too cheap to hire so I thought we could do a cheaper more DIY version. I have asked H2B to knock up one made of wood. It won't be round of course but I think painted red, with a cut-out for the envelopes it will look quite good, this is progress so far....

and no we didn't shut naughty Marley in the box, he will climb into any box or plastic bag he finds! I will upload more pics as it progresses, I still think it may be a little tall but I already had to ask H2b to remake one as it was HUGE so I can't really ask him to make it again... can I?

For our guestbook I wanted to have a holder for pens as they will just go missing or roll of the table otherwise. I made this out of a jar and paper mache. I still need to gloss it and finish the front piece with some writing. You can just make out a pen sticking out the top so it may look huge but it is just sitting on the kitchen counter :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

2 months 4 weeks!

Time is ticking by and I'm not sure I've done much in the way of wedding planning lately. I've been working on my guestbook, I will post some pics when I'm nearly finished. I've also been working on a tiara, it's a bit trial and error at the moment so we'll see how that goes. My dress came with straps which I'm not wearing so I've taken the beads off to make my tiara (they're similar to those on the top of my dress)

I tried on my dress for the first time a few weeks ago, and it fit! I may just need to take it in around the top but I'm quite pleased. The only thing I'm worried about is my butt.... it doesn't look as shapely as I would have hoped.

So I will either have to wear some shaping pants like these from m&s 

or these 

But.... I really should do some shaping exercises. There are loads on the internet, mostly the same exercises but effective I think.

I'm also doing the Tracey Anderson matt workout - mostly for my arms and abs.