Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cats - they are funny things

On Saturday after a long day at work I lay down on the couch watching telly. My cat decided to come and curl up behind my knees with his head resting on the side of my leg. It doesn't look the most comfortable position for him but he looks quite happy!

This morning as i was putting my swimming costume into my gym back, he started acting weird and was trying to get himself as close to my costume as possible, almost in my bag. I had to pick him up to get him to move as he would not budge. It's not the first time i've noticed him snuggling up to my costume. After a brief google i found that a lot of cats are attracted to chlorine or bleach in the same way they are to catnip. I also found this little website with loads of interesting cat facts. One of them being that when a cat puts his face up to yours it is a sign of affection. I always kiss my cats on their heads and Marley always nuzzles up to me when i do, it's so cute!
Another interesting fact I found from this site .'A white cat's hearing has a lot to do with its eye colour. While white cats with orange eyes are generally fine, a large majority of white cats with blue eyes are deaf. Cats with only one blue eye are deaf in the ear closest to it.'

'Only 40 per cent of cats are ambidextrous while the remaining 60 per cent favour either their left or right paws.' I would never have thought, I must pay more attention to my cats and see if they're lefties or righties!Hopefully lefties like their mum!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Last night I made a spinach and bacon quiche with feta cheese. I cheated with the base and bought a ready-made mix to which I added water and then rolled out. I had bought some spinach which had been reduced at the shops and had to find something to make with it that CJ would eat as well, I thought quiche was a good option. I found a recipe on the internet but used it as a guideline rather than following it totally. I think it came out quite well, the base was a little soft because of the juice from the spinach, but i did bake it for a bit before I put the filling in just to make sure it was cooked. The test will be when CJ has a slice today - let's hope it gets a thumbs up!
 (not my picture sorry - I pinched it off the net from here but I've not used this recipe before)

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Feeling arty

Recently I went to a friend's art exhibition. It was something the local artists decided to put together and it seemed to go down quite well. Needless to say it inspired me to do a bit of painting as i've not done any in ages.
I asked CJ to cut me some boards and have done 3 paintings so far. Two are copies of work done by Riccardo Guasco. I posted a picture of the one but since I took it with my phone the quality was not good. The other I took a photo of before it was finished and i have not gotten around to taking a photo of the completed picture.

The third picture is my favourite and came out much better than i expected. I was asked how much i would sell it for but i'm not sure i could part with it!

Monday, 6 June 2011

Weekend art

Here is a painting I did over the weekend using oil paints.(excuse the bad photography) Unfortunately I can't say it is my own design, I copied it from an artist called Riccardo Guasco. I can't tell you much about him I'm afraid as what I can find  written about him is not in English. I will have to Google him a bit more. I just love the bold colours he uses and the shapes in his designs. Here are a few more of his 'real' pictures.

Of course I would not even attempt to sell my copied picture,I did it for myself to hang up in my lounge

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coincidence or am I just psychic!

Two slightly weird things have happened to me lately. Almost like i've predicted the future.

I used to work at a pub/restaurant and have not been back since I stopped working there. I was thinking about it a few days ago and how it would be nice to go and have a meal. A day later I saw one of the waiters who worked there, and then again yesterday evening when i went to the gym. When i got home last night CJ got a call from his step-nan inviting us to that very pub for a Sunday meal - how strange!

I don't normally remember my dreams but last night I remember dreaming about going into a jewellery-type store and going straight to some watches on display. This morning when i picked up my watch to put it on, I saw that it had stopped sometime during the night. How weird!

I don't really think i have powers but i do believe in the power of the positive mind. There is a house that i really, really want. We have been house-hunting and the third place we saw i fell in love with. I have pinned up pictures of the kitchen and the lounge so that i can look at it every day. I tell myself that it will be mine soon. And it will!

My friend is very lucky when it comes to finding a parking space. She always manages to find the best spots. She tells herself that she is going to find a parking in the front of the building , or close to where she needs to be, and she does. Do you have any powers?