Wednesday, 29 August 2012

223 Days to go

I feel like I'm living in limbo at the moment - I can't wait for our scan so we can tell everybody our news, it's driving me mad! My mum also keeps asking when she can tell her friends! I have my first appointment with the midwife next weekend so hopefully she can give me a date for our first scan - a friend mentioned that I should get a letter from my doctor but when I told the surgery I was pregnant they just gave me a 'midwife' pack to fill out and return. I'm a bit surprised by the lack of information - lets just hope I will be able to get an appointment in time because I dont' want to wait till week 20 for my first scan!

I still feel pretty bloated and can't seem to eat big meals. I've not really put on much weight yet but it's still early days I guess.  My clothes are feeling a little tighter though, not sure how long I can wear my work trousers! I do need to get some work shirts though to cover up my trousers when I can't do up all the buttons anymore! I do plan on repurposing some trousers into maternity wear since I don't fancy spending the next 7 months being uncomfortable.

Apart from my boobs getting bigger - much to hubby's delight - there are not any visible changes yet. My sister said I did have a 'glow' about me though I think I look pretty tired most of the time! I'm really finding it hard to sleep now, I keep waking up during the night, I don't think it will get any better when I have a large belly and can only sleep on my side! I did sleep on my stomach for the first few weeks after we found out, but now I am too scared to incase I do some damage - pity because that's how I sleep best!

As for my diet I am drinking loads of water, eating lots of fruit and not a drop of alcohol, although I don't really miss it to be honest. I want to be as healthy as I can and not put on too much extra weight that I will have to try and loose after baby is born. I'm only managing to swim once a week at the moment, but hopefully my energy levels will come back a bit and I can go twice. I would like to join some joga classes or pilates classes for pregnancy and hopefully meet some other mums-to-be.


Wednesday, 15 August 2012

6 Weeks - 237 days to go!

Tonight we're going to see hubby's step dad to tell him the good news. I sort of wish I had more of a bump because it still feels a bit unreal, my belly is slightly bigger than it was but i think it may just be because I am feeling bloated as I don't think many people show this early on.... unless they're having twins!!! I want to enjoy my pregnancy but at the moment I just feel a bit uncomfortable and tired, thankfully this should pass when I'm further along. I can't to go shopping for maternity clothes and buy baby or BITO (bun in the oven) as my mum calls it, his/her little outfits! 
I really want to get the nursery done before the baby arrives, but i'm not sure we'll even be in our house then. We are hoping to get a place of our own but it depends on how long the whole process takes I guess.

I really like the idea of a Hot Air Balloon theme, there is a lovely tutorial for this paper mobile here 
 I really like this cushion as well

 I just love the hot air balloons here - ignore the fact that its's a twins' room!

I just love this mobile which comes with a tutorial
 This is pretty cute too..
I better stop looking for pictures before I get too carried away - still need to run the idea by hubby! 
Do you think it would work for a boy or girl?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Baby boom 242 days to go!

Everywhere I look it seems people are having babies, I am happy to say I am now one of them!! Last Friday I took a home test as I my period was late and since we had decided to try for a family after the wedding I was hopeful. The test came up positive but I did another one the next morning as well just in case - that was positive tpo! We've decided not to tell too many people, until the 12 week scan. I just want to be cautious until we know everything is ok, but want the support of my close family incase something does go wrong. Fingers crossed it won't be.

Last night we told my sister and hubby's brother. We decided to meet for dinner and I had to be careful about ordering a drink as I thought my sister would instantly twig. She didn't. I made an excuse about having a headache and when she said I should try her cider I pretended to take a sip and made a look of disgust - she was none the wiser still. I took a picture on my phone of the two tests I'd taken with the words 'Pregnant' on them and showed it to my sister - it took a few seconds for her to realise what it meant! She was thrilled and gave me and hubby a big hug. Hubby's brother did the same and also congratulated us. 

After dinner we all went back to our house and skyped my mum. I e-mailed her the picture too and while we were chatting said I needed her opinion on an e-mail I had sent and could she look at it while we were on skype. After she read the words 'pregnant' she said, "Are you pregnant?" when I said yes she kept saying "OMG!" It was really funny, at least she was excited - I told her she better pack up her things and get here before baby arrives! She asked if she could tell her friends but I've asked her to wait until the scan, although I did say she could tell one friend who is not on facebook and won't be likely to spill the beans!

I am supposed to 5 weeks pregnant if you go by the date of your last period, which is how you are meant to calculate your due date, but in reality I think I'm 3 weeks - we'll see what the midwife says in a few weeks when I see her. 

I don't really feel like I'm pregnant apart from the fact that I feel queasy quite often and am quite bloated most of the time. I also have little cramps every now and again so it feels like something must behappening inside me! I've also been feeling really tired in the evenings, the Monday before I did the test I couldn't understand why but it all makes sense now. Apparently the 1st trimester is the worst in terms of being tired and morning sickness.

Right now I am just trying to eat healthily, just the thought of chocolate makes me feel slightly ill! I've cut out alcohol and caffiene - the last time I had coffee I got such a bad headache, but since I've found out I've been drinking decaf.

I want to try and exercise regularly, probably just swimming but I may look into yoga classes in my area that are aimed at pregnant ladies. 

My hubby is convinced that I'm going to have twins - I am horrified at the thought and keep telling him he is wrong! My mum sent me this picture in an e-mail to me  today...

I guess she assumes our kid will look like this as we've both got blue eyes. I sent her a mail back saying I'm glad there is only one.... so she replied with 4 pictures - cow!

Post wedding update

It's been  a busy few weeks. We had our UK party which went really well - pictures to follow. I was getting quite stressed on the day, getting everything prepared - I can't imagine how I would have been if we'd had our wedding in the UK, would have been a nervous wreck!

Luckily everything came together and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The highlight of the evening was when Carl's sister  appeared - she made a surprise visit from Canada and had arrived in secret the night before. It was such a great surprise and I was so happy for Carl that he had his sister there.

We had to say goodbye to my Carl's sister and my mum ( who went back to South Africa) a few days after the party, and then it was back to work as if nothing had ever happened :(

I have had to throw myself into my course work again, dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 to hit the books. I have until the end of the month to complete my last assignment and then I can write my exam - hopefully that will be the end of it, I won't be happy if I fail!..

Some more pics of the big day..