Monday, 19 September 2011

Home-made gifts

It's my sister's birthday in a few days so i thought i would make her a few little gifts. We have so many bottle caps at home i don't know what to do with them but i am hesitant to throw them out. I found this blog for a pin cushion ring using bottle caps which i thought was really sweet.

The only problem is my sister's not that into her sewing so i don't think she would use it. So instead of a ring i attached a magnet - something i'm sure she will make better use of.
Hopefully she will use them for her notice board for uni.

Since i usually have loads of magazines at home i decided to put them to good use and made a trivet. I ripped out colourful pages and folded and glued them into circles - it's almost finished i just need to add one more row but i was too impatient to finish it before posting it!
I will give it a gloss coating when it's all dry.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Wedding date decided!

Third time lucky.... CJ and I had orginally chosen the perfect wedding date, but unfortunately it fell on a Saturday and they don't do weddings at our chosen venue during the weekend. Our second date has already been booked out. Apparently our third choice of date is available so lets hope it will be 3rd time lucky - since 3 is both mine and CJ's lucky number! I'm a little superstitious at times and i wanted our wedding day figures to add up to three.
Our wedding date is: 29-05-2012 (2+9+5+2+1+2)=21 (2+1=3) And because we got together on the 29th day of a month I think it is quite good! Fingers crossed all is well, I'm just waiting on a reply from Cyprus....

i can't wait to send out my 'save the date' cards. CJ and I had a photo shoot yesterday and i wanted to use one of those photos for the cards. I am going to get them printed on business cards and then attach them to magnets so people can put them on the fridge. I still need to design them but i'm going for an air-mail type theme.  (Since it is a destination wedding) I've seen a few blogs online with this idea so i want to work around that.

Here are a few examples

And for after the wedding thank-you notes

I can't wait to start designing and printing my invitations as well, we have not yet finalised our guest list but we're nearly there!