Monday, 19 September 2011

Home-made gifts

It's my sister's birthday in a few days so i thought i would make her a few little gifts. We have so many bottle caps at home i don't know what to do with them but i am hesitant to throw them out. I found this blog for a pin cushion ring using bottle caps which i thought was really sweet.

The only problem is my sister's not that into her sewing so i don't think she would use it. So instead of a ring i attached a magnet - something i'm sure she will make better use of.
Hopefully she will use them for her notice board for uni.

Since i usually have loads of magazines at home i decided to put them to good use and made a trivet. I ripped out colourful pages and folded and glued them into circles - it's almost finished i just need to add one more row but i was too impatient to finish it before posting it!
I will give it a gloss coating when it's all dry.

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