Thursday, 2 September 2010

My One-Year Anniversary

Wow i can't believe it's already September and i've now been in the UK over a year - scary! Looking back over the year i think i have made a few accomplishments, but still there are many things i want to do.
Since arriving in the UK i have:

Found a waitressing job ( although i may be quitting soon and working somewhere else)
Found a full-time day job
Moved once already
Got a new kitten
Swopped my South African drivers licence for a British one - bit of a sad day
Planted and grown my own tomatoes - and yes they are FINALLY going red!!! CJ and i even tried one, they are nice and sweet
Made a few friends - ok so still have to work on that one
Joined the gym
Started a bookkeeping course
Bought a bicycle
Given blood for the first time - and managed to get a huge bruise which made me look like a druggie!
Turned 30 and got engaged - woop!

i'm sure there a few other insignificant happenings but i can't think of them now. This next year i plan to get a better car - one that doesn't look like i've been playing bumper cars with it! i want to finish my course, with good results. Get a better paid and more interesting job, and hopefully quit waitressing altogether. Plan our wedding and maybe start a family. Although i do need to get myself into better shape ( i got sore arms after hitting a few balls at the driving range - honestly!) I don't want to get a saggy belly after my first baby, i want to be a yummy mummy after all!

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