Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Past relationships

Isn't life funny. It seems someone hacked my e-mail account and sent all my contacts a spam message. A guy who i'd had a brief fling with a few years back contacted me as a result.
 -Things had ended suddenly between us, i assumed he was being a typical male and had met someone a bit more interesting after he stopped returning my calls. I was quite annoyed at the time as I quite liked him, and i had thought he was a nice guy.
So this guy, lets call him 'H' sent me a brief e-mail after he received my spam, asking how i was doing. I sent him a short but friendly reply. In his next e-mail he said he felt he had to explain why he 'fell off the face of the earth' back then and went on to say that he'd started developing feelings for me that he hadn't expected to. He'd just come out of a bad relationship and hadn't wanted to start something serious so soon afterwards. Understandable. I admit that was not the reason i was expecting. Of course i was really flattered, who wouldn't be! I had always wondered about why it ended like it had and now it's been put to bed.
He is in a relationship at the moment, i am engaged and live seas away, so there is really no possibiltiy of us getting together now. It does make me wonder though if he had been honest with his feelings right from the start, where we would be now.
But that is life, it's all about timing and if something is meant to be it will happen. I am really happy where i am now, i feel i can really be myself with CJ whereas with H i think i would have been trying to be someone i was not. And anyway, the cirumstances in which CJ and I met are so incredible that it couldn't possibly not be meant to be!

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