Friday, 6 May 2011

Easter weekend review

Well Easter came and went, I can't say I have much to show for it though. I had great plans of getting stuck into my course work - i didn't even open a book. I was planning on doing some craft projects but only managed to half make a top for myself and CJ and I did a collage of african wildlife which we put on our lounge wall. We have a semi-african theme going on in our lounge, there is a lot of brown with a few splashes of colour. We have loads of photos which we took at a few game reserves in South Africa but have never got around to developing. I've been looking at a few online companies that offer quite cheap photos - we have so few pictures up on our walls. I want to enlarge a few of the really nice ones and put them up.... when I have a bit of time that is!

We had a good Easter break. I spent a bit of time with my sister, we went to Oxford for the day, had lunch and did a bit of shopping. I was trying to find some summer clothes for work but everything was so expensive - £35 for one top which was ok but not stunning. I would love to own some good quality clothes but just can't afford it - how depressing!

CJ bought some pot pourri but we do not have a pretty bowl to put it in, so i decided i would make one out of paper mache. I hope to finish and paint it this weekend and will post pics of the finished product!

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