Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Last night I made a spinach and bacon quiche with feta cheese. I cheated with the base and bought a ready-made mix to which I added water and then rolled out. I had bought some spinach which had been reduced at the shops and had to find something to make with it that CJ would eat as well, I thought quiche was a good option. I found a recipe on the internet but used it as a guideline rather than following it totally. I think it came out quite well, the base was a little soft because of the juice from the spinach, but i did bake it for a bit before I put the filling in just to make sure it was cooked. The test will be when CJ has a slice today - let's hope it gets a thumbs up!
 (not my picture sorry - I pinched it off the net from here but I've not used this recipe before)

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