Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Coincidence or am I just psychic!

Two slightly weird things have happened to me lately. Almost like i've predicted the future.

I used to work at a pub/restaurant and have not been back since I stopped working there. I was thinking about it a few days ago and how it would be nice to go and have a meal. A day later I saw one of the waiters who worked there, and then again yesterday evening when i went to the gym. When i got home last night CJ got a call from his step-nan inviting us to that very pub for a Sunday meal - how strange!

I don't normally remember my dreams but last night I remember dreaming about going into a jewellery-type store and going straight to some watches on display. This morning when i picked up my watch to put it on, I saw that it had stopped sometime during the night. How weird!

I don't really think i have powers but i do believe in the power of the positive mind. There is a house that i really, really want. We have been house-hunting and the third place we saw i fell in love with. I have pinned up pictures of the kitchen and the lounge so that i can look at it every day. I tell myself that it will be mine soon. And it will!

My friend is very lucky when it comes to finding a parking space. She always manages to find the best spots. She tells herself that she is going to find a parking in the front of the building , or close to where she needs to be, and she does. Do you have any powers?

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