Friday, 17 February 2012

4 months, 3 weeks, 1 day!

... and counting!

Today H2B and I are going to look at rings today - yippee! He has his grandmother's old wedding band that his family have said he can incorporate with his own ring, so we're going to see what the jewellers can suggest. I am not a fan of gold but it looks good with H2B's skin tone, I was hoping we could do something like this

I like these ones for me!

We had some bad news this week, my one bridesmaid, H2B's sister, isn't able to make the wedding. It's a bit sad but we understand, she would be coming a long way, with long travelling hours and with a little one it wouldnt' be much fun. Also we was only able to take a week's holiday so that didn't allow much time after travelling. Luckily i hadn't ordered her dress yet and the shop were happy for me to only order the one even though i'd already paid the deposit for 2. So i may just treat my sister to some shoes afterall! I am still undecided about my shoes. I decided to keep the teal pair I bought, they were cheap and I will probably wear them in summer anyway. I have seen two pairs I like but one is £45 and I'm not sure I'd wear them again even though they are silver,  I do really like them though. The other pair is half the price and goes with the bridesmaids dress colour -I always said I wanted to wear blue shoes....! Can't decide!

I originally thought about having a lace parasol and mentioned this to my mum who said she thought it would look really nice for the photos. But then I saw a picture with paper parasols and I've decided to get them instead. Just can't decided if I should get 2 - for myself and my bridesmaid, or 3 - one for my mum.... since she is giving me away. Also my mum isn't a huge fan of the sun I thought she could use it after the wedding...

I have also just purchased my bikini for our 'honeymoon' - I say this because we are staying in Cyprus after the wedding so we're calling the extra week our honeymoon! It's so pretty, I love the colours! Should be arriving next week :)

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