Tuesday, 31 January 2012

5 months to go!

So I've almost finished H2B's cake figurine. I still need to add some material for his handkerchief, I have a swatch of the cravat material so am going to cut a tiny piece from that.
I am still in the process of making my own one but have to wait until my dress fitting, I can't remember exactly how it looks anymore! Also i have to decide if i'm wearing a veil or a tiara. Having H2B around is also making things difficult because i have to keep hiding everything as he thinks it is bad luck if he sees anything i am wearing. He has seen my wonderful strapless bra though! oh well, it's not exactly a stunner but it did cost a bomb at £36!

I bought some pearl beads and have decided to try and make my own tiara. Some of them are so expensive and a few look quite easy to make. This is what i've done so far but i think i may go for smaller beads so they don't stand so high on my head.

 (excuse the picture - I couldn't take a picture of myself wearing it)

This is a picture i found online, i was thinking of doing a more simple flower with beads, like this which i made using sating ribbon and beads

I'm on the verge of ordering a veil, but am just waiting on 2 colour swatches so that I get the right colour. I was thinking a shoulder-length one which will sit behind my head. I dont' want something that will cover my shoulders so it will be quite narrow and plain. Something like the picture below.

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