Wednesday, 15 August 2012

6 Weeks - 237 days to go!

Tonight we're going to see hubby's step dad to tell him the good news. I sort of wish I had more of a bump because it still feels a bit unreal, my belly is slightly bigger than it was but i think it may just be because I am feeling bloated as I don't think many people show this early on.... unless they're having twins!!! I want to enjoy my pregnancy but at the moment I just feel a bit uncomfortable and tired, thankfully this should pass when I'm further along. I can't to go shopping for maternity clothes and buy baby or BITO (bun in the oven) as my mum calls it, his/her little outfits! 
I really want to get the nursery done before the baby arrives, but i'm not sure we'll even be in our house then. We are hoping to get a place of our own but it depends on how long the whole process takes I guess.

I really like the idea of a Hot Air Balloon theme, there is a lovely tutorial for this paper mobile here 
 I really like this cushion as well

 I just love the hot air balloons here - ignore the fact that its's a twins' room!

I just love this mobile which comes with a tutorial
 This is pretty cute too..
I better stop looking for pictures before I get too carried away - still need to run the idea by hubby! 
Do you think it would work for a boy or girl?

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