Wednesday, 29 August 2012

223 Days to go

I feel like I'm living in limbo at the moment - I can't wait for our scan so we can tell everybody our news, it's driving me mad! My mum also keeps asking when she can tell her friends! I have my first appointment with the midwife next weekend so hopefully she can give me a date for our first scan - a friend mentioned that I should get a letter from my doctor but when I told the surgery I was pregnant they just gave me a 'midwife' pack to fill out and return. I'm a bit surprised by the lack of information - lets just hope I will be able to get an appointment in time because I dont' want to wait till week 20 for my first scan!

I still feel pretty bloated and can't seem to eat big meals. I've not really put on much weight yet but it's still early days I guess.  My clothes are feeling a little tighter though, not sure how long I can wear my work trousers! I do need to get some work shirts though to cover up my trousers when I can't do up all the buttons anymore! I do plan on repurposing some trousers into maternity wear since I don't fancy spending the next 7 months being uncomfortable.

Apart from my boobs getting bigger - much to hubby's delight - there are not any visible changes yet. My sister said I did have a 'glow' about me though I think I look pretty tired most of the time! I'm really finding it hard to sleep now, I keep waking up during the night, I don't think it will get any better when I have a large belly and can only sleep on my side! I did sleep on my stomach for the first few weeks after we found out, but now I am too scared to incase I do some damage - pity because that's how I sleep best!

As for my diet I am drinking loads of water, eating lots of fruit and not a drop of alcohol, although I don't really miss it to be honest. I want to be as healthy as I can and not put on too much extra weight that I will have to try and loose after baby is born. I'm only managing to swim once a week at the moment, but hopefully my energy levels will come back a bit and I can go twice. I would like to join some joga classes or pilates classes for pregnancy and hopefully meet some other mums-to-be.


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