Wednesday, 12 September 2012

10 weeks

On Sunday I had my first appointment with the midwife who was very bubbly and friendly. There were loads of forms to be filled out, they took my weight, height and bmi as well as my blood pressure. A sister took my blood but halfway through the needle fell out of my arm - was a little painful. She was having trouble locating my vein in the other arm so she had to call the midwife in - she did a much better job and I hardly felt anything. I did feel a bit feint afterwards though and had to lie back for a while. My next appointment with the midwife is at 16 weeks and I'm guessing I will get all the results from the blood tests then.

Next big appointment is the 12 week scan, can't wait but I am also a little aprehensive, I just hope everything is ok......

Things are looking up with the house. Our application has been approved and we're just waiting for the paperwork before we can sort out the mortgage - scary!! We went to look at the house again on Sunday and even met our prospective neighbours. They seem really nice, a family with a boy and girl - not toddler screaming age thankfully and they seem quite well behaved. Phew! We're going again on Sunday to show hubby's stepdad the house and to measure up. We have a huge dinning table that hubby is adamant will fit in the kitchen  - I am not sure and really don't want a cramped kitchen! I've suggested we take off the legs and store it until we move again, and get a smaller sized cheap table in the meantime, we can still use the same chairs. I'm secretly hoping it is such a tight squeeze - hopefully stepdad will back me up! I really love the table but it's just too big!


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