Wednesday, 26 September 2012

12 week scan!

I've been so excited for this day to eventually come but now I am a little apprehensive as well. I don't really want to think of the worst but also need to prepare myself incase everything is not ok. Although I think I'd rather try and be positive, there's not much point in worrying until I know there is definately something to worry about!

One of the girls at work asked me straight out today if my hospital appointment had anything to do with a baby. I couldn't lie so just said I would be able to answer that question tomorow! She said she looked at me today and thought I may be pregnant, apparently I'm also looking a bit tired. Not surprising really since I don't seem to get a full night's sleep anymore. I either wake up needing the loo or just lay awake in the early hours of the morning. Oh how I miss sleeping on my stomach! But I shouldn't complain, it's only for another 6 months!

I feel like I'm really starting to show now, my bump is really rounded, like a little ball. At least my trousers still fit, can't say the same for my bras though! 

We purchased a baby furniture set last night on the internet. It is a cot, dresser with baby changer on top and a wardrobe. They are a beige colour with wooden trim, hopefully they will look as nice in real life as they do in the picture! (which for some reason I can't seem to upload)


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