Wednesday, 5 September 2012

9 Weeks

My bump picture at 9 weeks. Not the most attractive picture I'm afraid but I was quite put out when my mum said I must be 'imagining' my bump! It may not look big at the moment, and I know it's quite early to show, but I did have a fairly flat stomach before. Now it looks as though i've eaten a few too many puddings! I sent mum the same picture and she says 'You win' but she still thinks I'm really early so must be having an elephant! Nice

Hubby and I went to look at a property on Sunday which we really like, we've managed to get a morgage in principle and are going this evening to see if they will hold the house for us - how exciting! Some BIG changes this year, 3 major ones too: wedding, moving house / buying house and baby! It may be a bit stressful but things seem to happen all at once for me anyway, I packed up all my things and moved over to the UK, had to find a new job and then a month later we had to move house! 
I'm really hoping everything is approved and we get the house, it's a bit further away to travel to work, but once I'm on maternity leave I will have to decide if I want to go back anyway - or find a new job. It would be so nice to have our own place, I realise it comes with responsibilities but we can hang up whatever pictures we want and I finally get a garden with grass!!

Fingers crossed for this afternoon!

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