Monday, 28 February 2011

Another new addition

I am happy to say that i now have a new set of wheels! We drove down to West Sussex this weekend to fetch my car, it's a bright red Hyundai - not my favourite colour but the price was good and it looks in really good condition. I couldn't say no. I still have to name him though, i'm thinking of Hadley the Hyundai..... or Redro. In South Africa growning up there was a sandwich spread, think it may have been fishpaste, called Redro. On TV it was advertised with a little boy who was being 'interviewed' because he called everything Redro. When asked why, he replied ' I call everything i love Redro, don't i Redro?' and then looked at his mum. For some reason that advert has stuck, with my car being red i thought it was quite apt. I've never named a car before, do most people have names for their cars?

In my previous blog i mentioned a design which started me on my folksy shop adventure. I though it was about time i printed it on one of my bags to put in my shop.... and here it is!
You can see it in my folksy shop:

I am currently working on a new design which i hope to put in my shop very soon, it has a very African feel to it. I did a trial run on a tea towel and it came out really well. I won't post any pictures just yet as i did quite a small print for the trial run so it looks a bit more basic than how it will look on the bags.


  1. Aww I love the little love hedgehogs. That's such a sweet design.

    I am looking forward to seeing your African design.