Wednesday, 11 January 2012

wedding plans continued

'Yippee, my 'I do' stickers arrived today - now just waiting impatiently for my shoes!

I'm still trying to decide what i want to do with my hair for the big day. I want to have it slightly off my face but not all tied up, and possibly with a shoulder-lenght veil attached behind my head, not on top.

H2B and i are deciding on wedding favours. We have found some flip flop bottle openers for the men and some silk and bamboo fans for the ladies. H2B wants to get the openers engraved and there is another company that prints on the actual fan - but this will bring up the cost a lot and i'm not sure if it is really neccessary. Not all the guests will be sentimental and keep the favours.

 from here

from here
I also liked these from the same place
these would also be cute

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