Monday, 9 January 2012

Wedding plans so far

I can't believe 2012 is here and our wedding is in just over 6 months - help! Although a lot has already been sorted I still have a lot to organise.
I found my dress after my second attempt at dress shopping. I walked right past it on the rack of dresses but when the lady in the shop insisted I try it on I was pleasantly surprised. It is a Tia 5011 by Benjamin Roberts. I admit from the website picture it doesn't look much. I will post of picture of me in my dress once my H2B has seen it (on our wedding day only of course!) I've chosen the ivory one, not the gold colour.

I am still trying to decide on shoes but am swaying towards blue ones. I have never liked white shoes and since our colours are silver and blue thought it would be a nice flash of colour. The dress is quite long so you won't really see the shoes anyway. I have ordered both of these from Debenhams so we'll see which looks better - can't wait for them to arrive! I also ordered some diamante 'i do' stickers for the bottom of my shoes!

For jewellery I am undecided whether I want to wear a necklace or not, but if I do I am considering a thin strand of pearls, or a single pearl on a silver chain. I really like the idea of a pearl bracelet with 3 strands strand

  I am toying with the idea of a parasol as well - but probably in white. It will be nice for the photos so maybe I should get one for each of my bridesmaids....?

I am still deciding on the favours, H2B seems to be willing to spend a lot on them but I don't know if people will even keep them - I'd rather spend it on sparkling wine for the toast or some extra bottles for the tables!

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