Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bird baby vest

On Saturday I bought some baby vests to paint my designs on for CJ's sister, who still has not yet had her baby! I have only done two designs so far, this one and a baby ellie. I am quite please with how they have come out. The vests are so tiny, making me a little broody!

My poor little boy is going to the vet on Friday to get snipped and a chipped. He went for a pre-op checkup this morning and apparently did not want to get into his cat box, am I going to have fun convincing him to get in again on Friday, oh dear!
I am hoping that once he is chipped we can use our cat flap properly. I got one that works with their chips ages ago for our other cat who is chipped, but then we got Marley and had to take the batteries out because he obviously wasn't chipped yet. We get ALL the neighbour's cats in our house, some even sleep on our couch while we're not there - cheeky buggers! And of course they eat all of our cat's food, not to mention terrorising them in their own house. I'm hoping the cat flap does work properly because it has given a few problems before and the batteries ran out really fast. I'm thinking of getting two sets of rechargeable ones. I just hope Marley doesn't hate me too much after Friday. At least it is weekend and I can keep an eye on him. Poor thing!


  1. Aww he'll forgive ya! My Garfield was an angel when it came to the vets. Actually purred his way through the jabs, and was fine after his op. Apparently little Moomin was not so good and nearly had the vets hands. Oops! Wasn't too impressed with us either ;)

    The bird design is super cute. Did you just use fabric paint? It's really well done.

  2. Hi Kat
    He was surprisingly loving and cuddly when he got back - so all is well!
    Yes, I use fabric paint for all my designs. Thanks, glad you like it!