Thursday, 17 March 2011

My first real folksy sale!

On Tuesday I was pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from folksy saying that one of my items had just been purchased! I have sold one item before but it was a commisioned piece for someone I know, so it feels more of a big deal. And so exciting! I just hope it is a taste for things to come.

Without a second income now, I have to be a little more careful with money. I am hesitant to look for another second job just yet because I really want to pursue my little shop and try to earn a bit of extra money from that. While I have a bit more free time I am working on new designs and getting some more items ready to sell. At the moment I have a folksy shop but am working towards opening an Etsy shop too. I don't know whether it means a greater potential for sales or not but I need to pursue all avenues. There are so many inovative shops on Etsy and Folksy I don't know how someone would decide to make a purchase from one shop and not another. I realise the key is getting yourself out there, promoting your shop and making sure it is seen. It takes quite a bit of time and effort, but I suppose if you really want to succeed that is what you need to do.

So my game plan for the next few weeks is to set up my Esty shop, add a few more products to my collection, and see if any local shops would be willing to put my items in their windows for a percentage.

Let's hope I will have something good to report in a couple of weeks!

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