Monday, 7 March 2011

Bright, cheery Monday

Monday, the sun is shining, it's got to be a good day! It's amazing how a bit of sun can improve everyones mood.

I had a pretty good weekend. I worked on another design and have added it to my folksy shop

I thought it would be a good design to use for the bags i plan to put in my friendsfarm stall. I may do some green apples as well as other types of fruit.

I video skyped my mum back home on Saturday afternoon, a 2.5 hour conversation! I love skype, it's amazing to think a few years ago i was spending silly amounts of money to have an overseas telephone conversation for only a few minutes.

CJ and i went to look at some houses they are putting up quite close to us. We saw a divine 3 bed place - obviously it looked really nice as it was a show house. I fell in love with the kitchen , it was huge and modern. Pity though that we can't afford it. I guess our first house will have to be a bit more modest unfortunately!

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